How to make your own Hinged Stamping Tool/ Stamp Positioner

How to make your own Hinged Stamping Tool/ Stamp Positioner

Let's face it, if your a crafter, you're a DIYer.  
I just can't help myself from trying to "make it myself". 

Mini Misti tool open

 The idea to use a hinged stamping tool has been around for a while. I've used my Lifestyles Crafts Letterpress platform for stamping for some time now and when a cleaver crafter reworked the hinged stamping idea and released a popular tool, it jump started the interest in this type of tool and it has newly interested many stampers, cardmakers and scrappers.

I just wanted to share here how I made a hinged stamping tool that is limited in some functionality to other tools you may have seen but it works great for me. The compact size is awesome and so is the cost.  Yes, it's cheap!, Yes, It's not high quality, but it works great. If you want quality look into the MISTI TOOL. They're fantastic!

Here are the supplies I used to make this fun DIY stamping tool

Make your own Stamping tool supplies

1 DVD/Stamp Storage Case with Hinge 

1 Little B Perfect Positioner

1 Sheet 3mm Fun Foam OR you can use 2 sheets of the thinner fun foam

Grid Paper

Here's a video showing how I did it and a couple of ways to use it. I'm sure you can think of many more.

One thing I didn't mention is that I removed the tabs from the case that would normally hold the (paper) artwork for a DVD just to give a little more room in the stamping area. They are VERY easy to remove. Simply bend them back and they come off very easily without braking any other part of the case.

I also have another version that doesn't need the "sticky" surface. I added a thin piece of sheet metal under the fun foam layer and use a strong magnet to hold the paper down. If I'm only creating 1 card, I like the "sticky" version better.  I also have just taped my cardstock down with washi tape or Micropore tape (my very favorite low tack tape for crafting) and that works great too! 

Have a blast making your own stamping tool!

Items used or shown in Video or mentioned in blog post:

Stamp Storage Case

White Fun Foam Sheet

Black Fun Foam Sheet

Little B Perfect Positioner 

Grid Paper (But you could even print some off from files from the internet)

Strong Magnets

Tim Holtz Scissors - to trim thin metal sheet (be careful, it can be sharp on the trimmed edges)

Fiskars surecut paper trimmer

Altenew Vintage Flowers stamp set

Altenew Crisp Ink pads

Neenah solar white cardstock

Micropore tape

Washi Tape

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