Paper Smooches - SLANG GANG Clear Stamps

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Paper Smooches - SLANG GANG Clear Stamps

This set is dang cool! Perfect for anyone at any age (not just teens) This unique 4 x 6 clear stamp set consists of 23 whopping sentiments.

  • Ideas to note:
  • 1) Great for card making and scrapbook pages.
  • 2) Use these fun words and phrases along with our cute critters. "He Said, She Said " is the perfect addition to this stamp set.
  • 3) Stamp these words three times to complete the saying..."blah, blah, blah", "Yadda, Yadda, Yadda".
  • 4) Stamp these words two times to complete the phrase "hee hee", "cray cray". "yo yo".
  • 5) Combine stamps from our "Teen Routine" stamp set to make a bold statement! This set consists of one-of-a-kind sentiments that are hand drawn with love.


Cray Cray = crazy
YOLO = short for "You only live once"
Totes = totally
chlllax = chill + relax
Adorbs = adorable
uber cool = really cool
my bad = oops, I'm sorry

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