Next Generation SPECTRUM NOIR Alcohol Marker/Pens - BLENDER PEN

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Crafters Companion - SPECTRUM NOIR Alcohol Marker/Pens - BLENDER PEN

A blender pen is not usually used for blending colors together. A colorist will normally use one of their light color markers to blend. (a blender pen will bleach or dilute color rather than blend). A blender pen is more often used as a correcting pen or for special effects. If you accidentally color outside the line of your image, simply take your blender pen and "push" the color back into the image, or through the paper to a piece of clean scratch paper or paper towel. The blender pen is all alcohol, which is the solvent of alcohol based markers.

Spectrum Noir pens are a must-have for any serious crafter who likes their colouring - especially rubber stamping enthusiasts!

$ 2.99
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