Dove Refillable BLENDER PEN

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Dove Refillable Blender Pen


DOVE PRODUCTS-Dove Blender Pen. The Dove Blending Pen is a revolutionary new tool specially formulated to make floating or blending colors easier. Fill it with Blending Medium and use it on any water-based marker, colored pencil, chalk, dye pad, or pigment pads to achieve more variation and depth without using many colors. The pen is refillable and the nib is replaceable should it ever become worn.

Achieve more variation and depth without using many colors. Blender works with all colors. It is best to experiment as some papers will react better than others.


Made in USA.


  • Works with any water based pens, water based pencils, or chalks
  • Blend several existing colors for added beauty and variety
  • Lighten an intense color by several shades by working the blender over desired area
  • Never has to be replaced: easily refillable and replacement nibs are available
  • Easy to refill: take a pair of pliers and twist the back end of the pen off and add a few drops of blending fluid until it drips from tip
  • NOTE: It is important to wipe the remaining color off the blender tip before changing color
  • TIP: A way to apply marker color is to use a hint of color on your palette and use the blender pen to apply color on your stamped image, like you would with a paint brush.

Not to be used with Alcohol markers or inks


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