Crafters Companion - Spectrum Noir BLACK PEN STORAGE RACK - Pack of 6 Trays for 72 pens

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Crafter's Companion: The Spectrum Noir BLACK PEN STORAGE RACK - Pack of 6 trays for 72 pens
The Ultimate Pen Storage - A versatile storage solution for all pens including specialized coloring systems like Spectrum Noir.
  • Modular system which can be customized to your personal space
  • Three different ways to build - horizontally, vertically or angled
  • Will accommodate most pens and pen systems
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Stylish design
Due to the nature of alcohol pens, they need to be stored horizontally to ensure even ink flow to both ends. With this in mind, we developed a versatile storage solution that fits not only Spectrum Noir pens, but also all pens up to 17mm (5/8?) in diameter, including specialized coloring systems. This modular system can be customized to your personal craft or work space as it can be built up in three different ways - horizontally, vertically or angled.

Each unit will hold twelve pens - the perfect size to hold two full packs of color-themed Spectrum Noir pens - and they can be stacked as high or as wide as you require.
Suitable for pens up to 17mm in diameter.

Above shows some ways they can be configured.
Below shows the dimensions of the set configured 12 makers wide by 6 trays high
This set will hold 72 Spectrum Noir Pens
Each pen rack measures 13.5cm x 24cm (5.30" x 9.5")

The video below shows the ULITIMATE Pen Storage racks that are clear bluish plastic - this set is solid black in color matching the Spectrum Noir markers.


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