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Product Description

We've created one of the best Teflon bone folders on the market. Our Teflon bone folder has a unique tip that is thin enough to fit well in most groves of score boards and paper trimmers to create the perfect crease for folding. It is made with quality solid smooth Teflon and finished with precision. This Teflon bone folder will work with many crafts that are on trend today. Such as folding or burnishing paper, Fabrics or Cloth, Plastics, Leather, and many more soft materials. This bone folder not glaze or scratch papers, fabrics, leather, or other surfaces. It's easy to clean and keep clean. It's made so glue and other sticky residues will not stick to it while you are working on your project.  Clean up is so easy!

Perfect for scoring and creasing your card bases and making fun scored backgrounds!

Measures: 6 3/8 x 3/4 x 3/8 inches

Product Features

  • WHY TEFLON AND NOT PLASTIC? Teflon is better because it will not glaze or scratch papers, fabrics, leather, or other surfaces
  • WHY NOT BONE? Bone folders made of bone will wear down, get discolored and stained. Teflon bone folders will get smoother and shinier with age
  • WHAT IS THE SCORER MADE OF? It's made of solid smooth Teflon


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