HEATWAVE FOIL Multicolor Foil - Assorted colors 30 pack - use with Heatwave tool only

Product Description

Customize your Heatwave projects with this multicolor foil pack - including 5 foil colors. Pink, Gold, Blue, Red and Silver. For use with the Heatwave Foil Pen.

Apply foil to cards, scrapbook layouts and other projects. Use the Heatwave Pen with stencils to apply foil designs or create your own.

Includes 30 peices of 4x6 foil sheets. 6 each of 5 colors (Pink, Gold, Blue, Red and Silver)

PLEASE NOTE: use the Heatwave Pen with Heatwave foil only. Will not work with other foils and heatwave foils are not for use in Minc machines or laminators.


$ 3.59 $ 5.99
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